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Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy, a.k.a. McKenzie Care

(Robin) McKenzie's contribution has not so much been about how to treat back or neck pain, but how to evaluate it. He developed some simple but very special clinical tests that became the focus of his routine office examination.

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McKenzie Method assessment and treatment

Of the many frustrations back pain patients face, the lack of a standardized or uniform treatment approach is high on the list. Especially for those patients with longer-lasting symptoms of sub-acute pain (lasting between six and twelve weeks) or longer than twelve weeks (chronic back pain), treatment approaches are very inconsistent. While the McKenzie Method is successful with treating acute low back pain, it is also very helpful for those patients with sub-acute and chronic back pain. One of the benefits of the McKenzie Method (or McKenzie Therapy) is that it is a standardized approach to both the assessment and treatment of low back pain and/or leg pain (sciatica).

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McKenzie exercises, centralization and expected results

Once the directional preference is found, McKenzie exercise treatment may begin with McKenzie exercises--exercises that are directly informed by the assessment.

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