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Programme of McKenzie Certification in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy (MDT)

To correctly reach a mechanical diagnosis and provide successful treatment for any patient, the clinician must be adequately trained. The Robin McKenzie Institute Canada provides a programme of certification that consists of a sequential four part series of courses (A – D) followed bya Credentialing Examination. 

Course Registration

To register online or to download the registration form to complete by fax or mail:

Click here for a complete list of courses/exams

Part A The Lumbar Spine Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy
Online prerequisite
3 days/26 hours
Part B The Cervical and Thoracic Spine Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy 
Online prerequisite
3 days/26 hours
Part C Advanced Lumbar Spine & Extremities - Lower Limb
4 days/28 hours
Part D Advanced Cervical & Thoracic Spine & Extremities - Upper Limb 
4 days/28 hours
Exam Credentialing Examination
1 day/8 hours
Part E The Human Extremities Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy 
2 days/14 hours
CSU MDT Clinical Skills Update
2 days/12 hours
Part SE Special MDT Events – Click on Part SE for additional details
See Listing
Diploma Diploma Program (Phil Burchell MDT Diploma Scholarship)
  • With the exception of Special Events and Conferences, course segments are to be taken sequentially starting with Part A. Each course level is a pre-requisite to attend the next course in the series and therefore should not be considered as individually separate and complete in themselves.

  • Proof of attendance at each course is provided in the form of a course certificate and to receive this certificate, the course attendee must have attended the entire course.  

Co-Sponsor Opportunities

Planning your continuing education for the coming year?
Plan ahead to secure the dates you prefer. As a course host who provides the venue, your facility is entitled to some free registrations for your staff.

All McKenzie courses are organized in partnership with local co-sponsors. For information on how to become a McKenzie course co-sponsor and to find out about the incentives, such as free attendance on the course, please contact Aileen Conway at 1-800-463-8568 or


Please note, course fees are processed the first day of the course date.

Course Course Fee Audit (Retake)
Part A$650$325
Part B$650$325
Part C$699$349.50
Part D$699$349.50
Part E$400$200
CSU$450not applicable
Part SESee event listing
Exam$500Whole: $250
Written: $200
Performance: $50

Course Confirmation
When enough registrations have been received to hold the course, "confirmed" will be noted in Course "Details". Before making travel and accommodation arrangements, ensure the course you will be attending has been confirmed.

Cancellation Policy

The Robin McKenzie Institute Canada reserves the right to cancel a course up to 14 days prior to the course if there are insufficient registration numbers or due to unforeseen circumstances. If the course is cancelled by the McKenzie Institute, a full refund will be given or funds can be transferred to another course. The Institute is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline / train / bus tickets.

Click Here
for the full policy details, which will also be provided with the course registration confirmation.

Missed Hours on a Course

When a participant misses a day(s), or any portion of a day throughout the course, under no circumstances will a refund be given nor a course certificate be provided to that participant. The student will not be eligible to continue with the next Part of the MDT Programme of Certification until the previous course requirement has been completed. The participant can complete the day(s) missed within six (6) months of the course dates at no additional fee and then will receive the certificate for full course credit. If after one year from the course date the participant does not complete this requirement, he or she will be required to pay fees as follows:

Half or less of the course missed - pay the audit (repeat) fee
More than half the course missed - pay in full

Important Notice for Québec PTs
Les physiothérapeutes membres de l'Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) qui ont suivi l'un ou l'autre des cours suivants peuvent se voir attribuer le nombre de HFC (heures de formation continue) correspondant au cours suivi s'ils transmettent les documents requis à leur ordre professional.

Part C Advanced Lumbar Spine and Extremities - Lower Limb 28 HFC

Physiotherapist members of the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) who have attended the following courses may be allowed the following HFC hours should they provide the required documents to the Ordre.

Part C Advanced Lumbar Spine and Extremities - Lower Limb 28 HFC

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