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Robin Anthony McKenzie

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of our Founder and President, Robin Anthony McKenzie.

Robin was a dedicated family man to his wife, Joy, and children. He was also honest and hardworking, and he leaves a colossal legacy. Robin was a huge inspiration to patients, scientists, and clinicians worldwide. Many of us have much to thank him for.

Robin discovered MDT and he built a strong organization - The McKenzie Institute International. To use Robin's own words - "as long as the human anatomy does not change, MDT and the Institute will continue for the next 1,000 years". We completely agree with Robin, and together with you all, we will ensure that we "Sort it out" and "Carry on" in Robin's spirit.

We close this note with some of Robin's most favourite expressions –

"Further, further, further"
"Remember, we are here for the patient"
"Carry on".

Robin's legacy will be here for all time.

- Lawrence Dott, Chief Executive Officer
Uffe Bruno Lindstrom, Chairman,
International Board of Trustees

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Robin McKenzie

Robin McKenzie, world renowned physiotherapist, died on 13 May 2013.

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Robin McKenzie

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